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Formed in 2016

Petunia's Rescued Friends is named after a very special Opossum named Petunia.  Petunia was rescued in Southern California as a baby, and was unable to be released. She was an amazing educational ambassador for all Opossums! Opossums do have very short life spans, but we were happy to have her in our lives for 3 years. Petunia absolutely loved educating the children who attended the Priceless Pet Rescue annual Pet Mania Kids Summer Camp Program.  We have volunteered and fostered for Priceless Pet Rescue for many years....and consider them family.

We moved to the city of San Bernardino, California...and our lives changed forever.

The need for street rescue was downright overwhelming.  We asked Priceless Pet Rescue for help.  We are proud to say that hundreds of animals were saved off the streets because Priceless Pet Rescue said yes.  We were, and still are absolutely blessed to have our Priceless Pet Rescue family in our lives.  

Now that we are here, living in beautiful Castroville, Texas...we want nothing more than to be a valuable resource to our city, and beyond. We want to help with the over population of street animals, and find them forever homes. 


All of our adoptable animals receive needed medical care, are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.

We are partnering with "Hill Country Animal League" to help make it all happen!

We can't do it without your help.  We are a donation based organization and rely heavily on community support and private donations to help us continue our mission of "Help us, help them..."

We are ready to serve here in the great state of Texas....

Let's save all the animals!

-Petunia's Rescued Friends

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